building and construction law

Comninos Inc. has core skills and is supported by specialists in:

  • contract administration
  • site management
  • house snag lists
  • building dispute resolution
  • building site surveys
  • house and home inspection
  • sectional title complex problems
  • material & sub contractual resourcing 

Our extensive experience in the legal principles and methodology surrounding building and construction law ensures that the appropriate legal advice and support is offered to our clients.

Construction law covers a wide range of legal issues, and affects many in the construction industry, including financial institutions, concessionaires, contractors, professional indemnity and construction insurance underwriters, the various design professions, project managers, employers and developers

We offer the following services to our clients:

  • drafting and negotiating all forms of contractual documents
  • professional appointments;
  • advices on insurance and coverage;
  • project finance;
  • advices on the impact of environmental legislation;
  • advices on legal aspects of contract administration; and
  • dispute resolution and litigation, internationally, nationally and regionally.

We assess your risk associated with construction law and have the ability to resolve all other areas of business impacting thereon.

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